Email is a trusted and essential way to exchange important information. Unfortunately, the design of the original email communication system has some serious vulnerabilities, which can be misused easily, and cause damage to your organization.

Research by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce shows that both small and large Dutch companies face cyber attacks, an average of 294 per company per week. The average damage from a successful cyber attack is €67,000.

CEO fraud

One of your employees receives an email message, that appears to be from the CEO or CFO, requesting them to share sensitive data or transfer money to a scammer’s account.

Ghost invoices

Employees in the purchasing department receive a seemingly genuine email message from a known supplier including a payment request to the account of a scammer.


Your customers receive an email from your organization, which in fact comes from a scammer. In the email there is an attempt to obtain sensitive data, install malware or cause other damage.

Personal data theft

Criminals send fake emails to your employees in the human resources department and try to obtain personally identifiable information (PII) or financial data of your personnel and executives.

Attorney impersonation

Scammers use a seemingly reliable email message to impersonate a lawyer or law firm to steal crucial and confidential business data.

Email reputation damage

Your email domain is exploited to spread SPAM, causing your email domain to end up in multiple SPAM blacklists. Your outgoing email is blocked worldwide.

It has recently been painfully demonstrated, with numerous examples, that numerous organizations have suffered major financial and reputational damage as a result of these threats.

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