Working Method DMARCSaaS

DMARCSaaS is a fully automated and managed service. This means that it keeps you informed and updated about the actions that need to be taken. These instructions are clearly explained with examples.

In addition, you will receive notifications from our automated system when there are further steps to be completed. This is in accordance with the DMARCSaaS workflow, and includes changes to your public DNS servers. In this way we work collectively and gradually towards the strongest DMARC policy possible: “p=reject” ensuring you will be much better protected against phishing and spam.

DMARCSaaS consists of two separate phases: the implementation, and the subsequent monitoring period:

Implementation period

The following steps are automated by DMARCSaaS during the setup period:

  • Email domain(s) analysis

    Analysis of the initial SPF, DKIM and DMARC settings of the email domain (s)

  • Instruction steps

    Based on the analysis from step 1, clear instruction steps for the changes in the public DNS (SPF, DKIM and DMARC) and email server are provided. These are to be carried out by the client’s email administrator.

  • Verification

    The correct input of the instructional steps are verified automatically.

  • Analysis

    The results of each instruction step are analyzed.

  • Automatic follow-up step

    Each analysis is followed by the next instruction, verification and analysis. This is repeated until the final goal is reached: a strict (“reject”) DMARC policy.

  • Completion

    The gradual and controlled setup period will be closed after the DMARC security policy has been brought to the final “reject” goal. After this successful completion, the organization dictates its own email authentication security policy to the outside world. In addition, your organization will also check for SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

Monitoring period

This monitoring period is required as some records will or need to change such as for added email services or obsolete IP’s , rendering the old records ineffective. DKIM key rotation will be initiated when life-time of current DKIM encryption keys has become due to maintaining their effectiveness. Next in the monitoring period potential misuse will be detected. This process includes the following steps:

  • Verification and testing

    Verifying and testing the SPF, DKIM and DMARC records of the email domain (s).

  • Analysis and reporting

    The results of the verifications are analyzed and presented. In addition, the DMARC reports on delivered emails and abuse are merged into one clear report in the dashboards in your portal. This provides your organization with continuous insight into potential attempts at abuse and the effectiveness of DMARCSaaS.

  • Control

    Automatic and continuous tracking of active and inactive domains of your email servers by means of potential clean-up advice of redundant SPF records and automated advice for digital key management for DKIM records. As a result, the email protection set-up level by DMARCSaaS remains healthy over time.

Artificial Intelligence software designed by experienced email security consultants.

DMARCSaaS is based on analytic Artificial Intelligence software developed in-house and hosted in the public cloud. This automatically managed software is designed and maintained by experienced email security consultants.

Dashboards provide insight and follow the process

You can follow the setup process and the results via dashboards in your client portal. In the portal, you will find the statuses of SPF, DKIM and DMARC per specified domain.

  • Analysis

  • Verification

  • Reporting

Competitive advantages of DMARCSaaS:

DMARCSaaS offers several advantages over its competitors. The DMARCSaaS service distinguishes itself from its competitors as DMARCSaaS includes all consultancy, or professional service costs, into one automated service. This eliminates the need to purchase separate modules for consultancy or professional services.

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