Whitepaper: Secure your email with these 14 measures

Email is a lucrative tool for cyber attackers. In their 2020 Internet Crime Report, the FBI reports that:

  • the number of phishing attacks increased by 110% in 2020
  • phishing emails are the most commonly used method of attack for ransomware
  • reported US losses from business email compromise are a stagering 1.8 billion dollars.

A successful attack can cause the victim a great deal of financial and/or reputational damage. Well-known examples are Pathé and the Belgian Crelan Bank, which lost 19 million euros and 70 million euros respectively through email fraud.

How can you protect yourself against email attackers?

In this whitepaper we will discuss fourteen technical security measures your organisation can take. Some technical knowledge in the field of domain configuration with DNS (Domain Name System) and mail servers is needed for a good understanding of this text, as is a basic level of knowledge about common email threats, such as spam and phishing.

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